Thursday, October 15, 2009

New Christmas play added!

Well, it's been 5 months in the making: first, developing the idea, then plotting it out, then actually writing it, then a month and a half devoted to recording all the lines and mixing it with music and sound effects. But on Tuesday, October 13, I posted the script and the CD purchase link, and breathed a huge sigh of relief and exhaustion. There were nearly 20 pre-orders waiting for the CD, and they had to be mailed out immediately. Most of the people pre-ordering were those that had done my play "The Christmas Family" in the last year or two, and they were waiting for the new one. I hope everyone likes "Redemption In The Wings" as much as the former one.

This one is done in the same style, the unique "Play/Act!" format that I came up with. All of the dialog is related by the narrator, so the actors don't have to learn lines, only actions. They don't even lip-sync it, which I am not a fan of. They just act as if saying the approximate things, and the narrator tells the basics of what is being said. We've all seen montage or flashback scenes in movies, where the main character tells what happened in the past, and we see it, only hearing the sound in a reduced manner in the background. Well, that's how the entire play works here.

All that is happening is in the past, and the main character is also the narrator who is relating it according to memory.

Read the script here: "Redemption In The Wings."
Here's a ten-minute MP3 preview of one of the tracks: Listen here!

It just might solve your problem of getting actors involved, due to the stress of learning lines being absent!

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  1. Fred,

    The House of Prayer in Winona did your play, "Redemption In The Wings" on 12-20-2009.
    We had a full house and they loved it... we did the "The Christmas Family" last year, also to a full house...and I am looking forward to seeing if you have a new play for 2010! God Bless!
    John Stephens
    Winona, MO