Friday, November 20, 2009

Over 1 Million Served!

Unbelievable! I was looking at the stats counter on my main site, today and realised that the one millionth visitor had come and gone over 21,000 visitors ago!

Reaching the one millionth visitor mark is a high point for me, as the site's visitor count has been steadily increasing since it was first launched in September of 2002, or a period of 2,614 days.

The hit counter on the front page only counts those entering the site, not the pages viewed once there. So the total is only for visitors, not page views. The total visitor count since opening is 1,021,649 as of today.

Being the number one search result for the term "Christian Skit Scripts" or "Christian Skits" on Google, Yahoo, Bing and others is both a reflection of the site's user popularity, and of how the search engines have helped the hits grow.

I thank you, the regular visitor to Christian Skit Scripts, for helping us hit this milestone! Here's hoping we are both still around in a few years to celebrate the two million visitor mark!


  1. Fred,
    I am the drama director at my church and ran across your site and was blown away!
    I was so amazed at your skits and their messages. They were just what I had been looking for; as I had been working with the youth, and now am able to get the older saints involved.
    The Lord will lead you to where you need to be; as I was looking for something else when I came across your site. I showed "The Great Church Robbery" to my Pastor and he loved it. We will be doing it for the children's message on Sunday, April 6th.
    I have such a passion for my ministry in drama and know it touches many souls. When my husband saw how excited I was about your scripts, he ordered the whole soundtrack "Ultimate Skit Kit" for me, and was amazed it came in only two days!
    -Teri Moore, First Baptist Church
    Hillsboro, OH

  2. Dear Fred,
    I'm emailing to let  you know how pleased we are with all of the wonderful skits you produce.  We are planning to use " Assignment Witness" this semester.
    We are a Christian homeschool co-op that uses your skits in a live radio drama format that is performed during our end of semester "talent" night.  We will use it as an outreach to those family and friends that are unchurched to give them another opportunity to hear the gospel message and provide an encouraging message for those who want to witness but are fearful and unsure. These skits have become the "highlight" of our "talent" night because of the strong presentation of the gospel.
    The night of our performance is November 6, 2009 at the Schertz, Texas community center (we have grown too large to host this in the church we are using for our classes). Thank you so much for this marvelous ministry that reaches so many where they are: unchurched, seeking, baby Christians, and mature Christians.
    May God richly bless you,
    Teresa Bono
    SHINE radio drama instructor
    Schertz, Texas

  3. Mr. Passmore,
    I love this site! This is truly a Godsend! It has inspired me to help put God's word thru drama back into our church.... so, this coming Sunday night, we will be having our 1st (hopefully of many!) "Skit Night" thanks to your site. We will be doing "Attack of the Monster Tongue" and "The Wrap Group." Hopefully, in the near future, we will be doing "The Crate Escape" & "The Sheep's Clothing Store." I'll let you know how our "Skit Night" turns out. Thanks again & I know you are a putting your talents to use for the right purpose. God Bless!
    Mark Hamm, Pates Chapel Baptist Church
    -Jemison, AL