Monday, November 9, 2009

Photos of "A Midnight Dreary."

Rev. Van Buchanan submitted these photos of their performance of a "Let's Skit Crazy!" script, titled "A Midnight Dreary" (read it here) at Pleasant Hill Baptist Church in Morganton, North Carolina, during their recent Fall Festival.

In the script, a man is spending a stormy night at home by himself. When he thinks that an escaped convict is lurking outside, he forgets the Bible lesson on fear he was studying, and panics. A comedy of terrors results, as circumstances conspire to bring him to the brink of a nervous breakdown. After turning back to the scriptures for comfort, he discovers that our imagined fears and reality are often two very different things.

Using the recorded soundtrack CD for accompaniment, the actors had fun with their performance, unfettered by having to memorise lines.

Derek Crane digs into the snack foods he has stockpiled for his night alone.

Derek assures his wife that he is fine, as she calls to check up on him. The night is still young, however.

After a series of frightening events, Derek rediscovers his source of peace.

Derek dons a sheet and makes fun of his own fears.

Derek is about to finish off the invading stranger who has collapsed on his floor.

Not letting fear dictate his actions, Derek learns that the invader just needs a helping hand.

Thanks, Van, for sending the pictures of your performance! I love seeing people having fun doing the scripts I've posted. Here are some more, on the official site.

EXTRA! Listen to a three-minute sample from the beginning of the soundtrack by clicking here: Demo Sample

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  1. Great job on posting the photos. We truly had a blast performing this skit. It was certainly a hit. Keep up the great work.