Tuesday, October 18, 2011

"Assignment: Comfort And Joy!" is Finished!

Well, it "only" took three and a half months, but the new script is done and posted, and the soundtrack is ready to order! Read the Christmas drama "Assignment: Comfort And Joy!" now, and print it out for free.

This is the third Christmas play done in our unique "Play/Act" format, which means there are no lines to learn. The soundtrack supplies all the narration, music and sound effects. Besides all the movie-quality background music and effects, the CD features two songs by two-time Grammy Award nominee singer-songwriter Archie Jordan. The composer of such famous songs as "What A Difference You've Made In My Life" and "It Was Almost Like A Song," Archie is the recipient of seven gold and three platinum albums, as well as fifteen ASCAP awards. I am blessed and thankful to be able to use his music on this soundtrack, the songs "He's The Hand On My Shoulder," and "Someone."

To save time in the review process, you could read just the Story Outline to see if you like it enough to read the entire script.

Here is an audio preview of the soundtrack, the entire Prolog scene. The soundtrack, which supplies all the narration, music and sound effects, can be ordered on the script page.

Here is the script for the embedded skit (done in three parts during the play's framework script) called "The Ultimate Gift." It is intended to be done as part of the overall play, but it could be done by itself if you need something shorter. Listen to an audio preview of Part One, also.

Thanks to my past customers for being so patient while waiting for it to be finished! Hope you like it and feel it was worth the wait.