Thursday, February 27, 2014

Testimonials for Easter play "The Legacy"

One of the rewards I get for the work I put into the script-writing and soundtrack production is the feedback in the form of user testimonials.  Here are some emails that I got from people that did my play "The Legacy," which can be found here.

We did your play "The Legacy" this past Easter. I absolutely loved it and so did our whole congregation. I wish you had more plays like this where we don't have to say lines. It was powerful and many tears were shed during the play. But more importanly a husband and dad of two of my actors came back to the Lord and had an emotional time with Jesus just because of the play. He is now serving the Lord just because he came to watch his family in the family. So praise the Lord for the work that you do.
-Gail Miller Bethany Pentecostal Church Manchester, Ky

Hello, Fred,
Your play "The Legacy" was very well received! Our elderly especially appreciated it because they could hear every word. Also, a retired minister, who is going blind, called to tell me how much he appreciated the drama. I know there were unsaved people in attendance, so I know seeds were planted. I was able to get people to act who were really out of their comfort zone. It was such a great time with people coming together to present God's salvation story. I didn't know at the beginning how this was all going to come together, but I trusted God that he would make it happen. The "no lines" format worked beautifully!

Fred, if you have time, go to our church website, Click on the photo gallery, and you will be able to see a slide show. (See it here.)

The soundtrack was fantastic! God sure did bless you with "The Voice". I hope we can work with you again in the future. My friend at church will be in charge of the Christmas program, so I will show her The Christmas Play to see if she would be interested. Thanks again for a wonderful, wonderful drama!
-Blessings to you,

Dear Fred,
The Full Gospel Tabernacle in Eureka, CA will be performing "The Legacy" on March 31, 2013.
Thank you for such a wonderful drama! The quality of the soundtrack is super! I am believing that Jesus is going to use this drama to touch the hearts of many of our Easter Sunday visitors.
-Vicki Barry

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