Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Yet Another "Cardboard Christ" Video!

I've found another couple of YouTube videos of people doing my skit script "The Guy With The Cardboard Christ," the script for which you can get here for free. This one is very well done...

View the skit on Youtube here:


And here's the first part of another team's performance. Don't know why they didn't post the whole thing, I would like to see it!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

New Christmas Script Preview

The last Christmas Script that I wrote and posted on the skit site was "Redemption In The Wings." two years ago. Since then, I have been contacted by many that have done that script and all the other Christmas dramas on the site, wanting to know when I would have a new one. Well, I'm writing one for this year, which I am hoping will be ready, along with the complete soundtrack containing all the narration, music and sound effects, by the beginning of September. Please pray for me as I write, that it will be powerful, and touch people's hearts for the Lord. It's titled: ""Assignment: Comfort and Joy!"

UPDATE: Well, it's taken longer that I anticipated, but the script is done, and HERE IT IS. Click to read it all!

The plot: a lonely radio DJ is working the night shift on Christmas Eve. As he plays music and reads a Christmas story he has written, we see three different listeners who tune in during the midst of their difficulties. Each one of the three story parts affect their lives in unique ways, and lead toward a surprising conclusion. The whole play will be under an hour, and the embedded stories can be done separately for those wanting a shorter presentation. It's a play and several skits in one!

You can get a special preview of the opening scene below. Remember, this is from the first draft, so things are subject to change and editing, but I thought you might like to get a very early taste of how it all begins. Come back soon, or visit the official site, to keep up with the progress! -Fred

Voice of the narrator, Afriel: Well, here we are again... all gathered together to celebrate the coming of the Lord into this old world. One thing most everyone enjoys this time of year is hearing a good Christmas story... and boy, have I got one for you. This story, like many of our favorites, takes place on Christmas Eve. Allow me set the scene... Here, on the outskirts of a small country town, is a century-old church building, its stained glass windows brightly lit from within as worshippers gather. The strain of a Christmas hymn echoes sweetly among the majestic cedars and weathered stones of the small cemetery just behind it.

(Actions during the next paragraph.) Steven Carter enters from the back of the church and walks slowly up the aisle toward the front. He is carrying a Christmas wreath and a thermos bottle. He is dressed in a long coat. when he reaches the front, where the marker stone is located, he looks down for a moment, then places the wreath beside it. He kneels down and begins to speak with a bowed head.

Narrator Afriel: Allow me to introduce you to Steven Carter, a man who is struggling to find the usual happiness of the season, which eluded his heart for the first time last Christmas, and seems even farther away this year. The decorated wreath that he carries is not to adorn a door to a home, but the marker of his departed loved one... his wife, Emily Carter. Greeting his wife, he told her how much he missed her, and wished he could see her again. His job at the radio station had seemed to lose some of its appeal since he no longer knew she was listening to him at home. He expressed his doubts as to whether he was doing any good there, and if anyone was even listening.

(Actions during the next paragraph.) Steven puts a hand on his brow as he grieves. But then, slowly walking onto the scene, we see the Presence of the Lord coming to him, and drawing beside him, lays a hand on his shoulder. He stays this way for several long moments, and comforts Steven. (We hear part of the song "He's The Hand On My Shoulder" by Archie Jordan during this part.)
Narrator Afriel: Feeling more alone than he has ever felt, Steven is without even words to pray. But the Spirit of God knows what is in his heart, and his deepest needs are expressed by Him to the Father, in earnest groanings that are understood only by His sympathetic ear. He begins to understand that he is not left alone, for in his children's darkest hour, The Lord Jesus is there, as He promised He would be, and holds back the waves as they pass through the storm. (The song's words are heard here.) As his spirit becomes aware of the comforting presence of the Lord, Steven begins to come back from the brink of despair, and finds some words to pray. He tells the Lord that, although he knows his wife can't hear him now, he would like to make a special request that Jesus relay his message of love to his wife in Heaven.

(Actions during the next paragraph.) Steven stands, straighter than he was before. He looks toward the church, then raises his collar and begins to walk offstage, down through the audience toward the back... or off to one side and out of view if that stage is raised and only accessable from the side. The Lord walks with him, beside him, to the end of the stage, then stops and watches him go. When Steven is out of sight, the Lord turns to the side and beckons to someone as yet unseen. The angel, Afriel, comes onstage and walks to him with a rapid pace. When he reaches the Lord, he kneels with bowed head, and the Lord touches his shoulder, bidding him rise. The Lord grasps his shoulders as they smile at each other with a real affection, and then they begin to walk and talk, strolling from one side of the stage to the other at a leisurely pace as friends would do. Before they part, the Lord places a hand on the angel's shoulder in a solemn blessing, as Afriel bows his head for a moment. The angel seems to grow stronger and infused with power, standing taller and lifting his fists at his side with a smile.

Narrator Afriel: As Steven left, his burden lifted some, he still carried with him the weight of loneliness that only another person can help shoulder. And as he departed the darkening churchyard for his work at the local radio station, I moved out of the stand of fragrant green cedars where I had been watching. You see, I know all this about Steven because he is my responsibility. My name is Afriel, an angel in the army of God. Jesus, as the Commander-In-Chief of the Angelic Host, sends us to Earth to watch over his children, and Steven is who I am currently assigned to, from his second birth as a teen-ager. I'm not high up in the angelic hiearchy; I'm not a warrior angel, just a messenger and minister. But my joy is no less than that of Gabriel or Michael when it comes to serving the King of Kings. Bidding me rise, and expressing the warmth that is a trademark of His personality, He began to tell me of his next assignment for me. This one, as He explained it to me, was very special, in that it concerned a number of people around Steven that were to be a part of it. It involved reaching out to them all with encouragement, the call to salvation, protection, provision, all the things we angels excel at ministering in. With a touch of His holy hand, he imparted to me a special anointing to accomplish my task... and I felt strength and power to carry out His will fill my heart and frame.

(Actions during the next paragraph.) The Lord gives the angel leave to go, and he does, bowing as he leaves. The Lord walks away, offstage, to the side, while the angel comes down to the front and goes through the main aisle toward the back. Thrilled with his assignment, the angel does some happy dance steps as he goes, a broad smile on his face.

Narrator Afriel: Everything begins with Jesus. He is the Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and the End, and this new adventure was no different. This was going to be an excellent and unforgettable Christmas Eve; for Steven, for me, and everyone he came into contact with tonight. (End of the first act.)(Copyright 2011 Sheep Laughs Publications)

The script is now posted, read it here!