Thursday, March 31, 2011

Mother's Day Skits

It's nearly time again for skits that focus on Mother's Day, and we have two that have been very popular in recent years... check them out! First is "Mama's Close Call." Your congregation will enjoy these humorous skits!

Written for Mother's Day, but good any time, this skit will have everyone in stitches! Mama, settling in for a nice quiet evening with her TV, gets more excitement than she bargained for -or wanted- when her writer son drops in. Getting all choked up -literally- over his tribute to mothers, Mama wonders: will she ever get to watch her movie, or will she end up in the hospital? A hysterical 8-10 minute sketch with a heart! Click here to read it!

(Click here for a version of the script for an all-female cast, with the son part changed to a daughter.)

"Mama Knows Best!" Now available, a Mother's Day version of the skit "How To Be Spiritually Fit," featuring the same characters from the incredibly popular "Mama's Close Call!" When Mama's son Little Louie buys a "do-it-yourself" spiritual fitness program for her, things don't go as he planned. Click here to read this hysterical script!

(Also available in a FEMALE-ONLY cast version!) With a few obvious slight revisions, this could make a good Father's Day script as well!

UPDATE: Read some of the great comments below to see what people are saying about these two skits!