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Popular, Easy-To-Do Christmas Skits!

If you are  looking desperately for a short Christmas skit you can do that will amaze -and touch- your audience, you have been blessed to be led to this page! We have some of the most popular short Christmas skits to be found anywhere on the web, all for free. There are soundtrack CDs available to buy that will make your performance more effective, and easier. Some are of our unique "Play/Act" format, with no lines to learn. Others supply the music and sound effects called for in the scripts. Read some user testimonials here!

Here they are, click on the titles to read:

"Stormy Night, Holy Night"

 (Soundtrack key: NO LINES TO LEARN, CD supplies the narration, background music and sound effects.)

A new 18-minute "No Lines To Learn" Christmas script with soundtrack... and it only takes TWO people to perform! A father and teen daughter take refuge in their basement from a coming storm. The storm building in the young girl's mind and heart, stemming from the loss of her mother over a year ago, coincides with the tornado that hits the town. Featuring another powerful song written and sung by songwriter Archie Jordan, this easy-to-do mini-play is full of drama and has a touching end that will move you. Read the script here, and order the soundtrack that has all the narration, professional sound effects and music!

(This short play is part of the longer play "Assignment: Comfort And Joy!" It has been isolated to be performed by itself here.)

 (Soundtrack key: NO LINES TO LEARN, CD supplies the narration, background music and sound effects.)

If you are looking for something very short to do for your Christmas service, this is the mini-play for you! Performed to a narrated soundtrack, so there are no lines to learn, this 15 minute script takes only 4 people to perform... two major and two minor parts.

A hermit that lives in a junkyard is feeling down on Christmas Eve, praying for more to eat than what he has, a can of vienna sausages and crackers. An unexpected visitor who is worse off than he is helps him to learn that giving what you can is the path to blessing. Read the script description here, and order the soundtrack that has all the narration, sound effects and music!

The Narrated Nativity

(Soundtrack key: NO LINES TO LEARN, CD supplies the narration, background music and sound effects.)

Want to do a short traditional Christmas Nativity play, but with no lines to learn? Use this script and soundtrack CD, which supplies all of the narration, background music and sound effects on the CD!  The four scenes are: The Annunciation, The Angel Tells The Shepherds, The Shepherds Find The Baby, and Simeon and Anna In The Temple. Each one runs about 5 minutes, for a total of 20 minutes. Click the above title to read those scenes and order the CD soundtrack. You could separate each scene with live Christmas singing, if you wish!

"The Ultimate Gift"

(Soundtrack key: NO LINES TO LEARN, CD supplies the narration, background music and sound effects.)

The three-part comedic skit entitled "The Ultimate Gift" is an 18 minute presentation, you can do the skits and present live singing in between each part if you wish.  Synopsis: At a meeting of a technology company days before Christmas, three inventors present their inventions for the next year's "Ultimate Gift." In each of the three five-to-six-minute skit sequences, a way-out device is demonstrated that causes havoc on the group, with truly hysterical results! A cleaning lady that is present shares with them what the ultimate gift really is, and how to receive it. Full of humor, funny action and deep meaning, but with no lines to learn, these short series of skits will excite your actors and tickle the viewers. Click the above title to read the script and order the CD soundtrack for "The Ultimate Gift"!


"The Great Church Robbery"

(Soundtrack key: BOTH OPTIONS ARE ON THE CD: NO LINES TO LEARN --OR-- You do your own lines and the CD supplies the background music and sound effects.)

Inspired by "How The Grinch Stole Christmas, this is a short yet powerful presentation guaranteed to bring a smile to their lips and a tear to their eyes! It can be done as a dramatic reading or acted out to the recording or live narration. Done by many for Christmas, it can be done at any time for a short presentation if you want something simple but very moving. Another great last-minute skit since it can be acted out to the narrated recording! 6 minutes.

Our all-time most popular short Christmas script!
"Live From Downtown"

(Soundtrack key: You do your own lines and the CD supplies the background music and sound effects.)

Looking around for the perfect short comedy Christmas skit for that holiday banquet or service? Well, look no more! Here is the script for one that's 10 to 12 minutes, that can use 13 or more people (8 actors and a group of carolers). This script is just right if you're looking for a short but funny (and meaningful) Christmas presentation. It has been our most popular short Christmas skit so far. Check it out!

This one can be done simply by just two people!
"Crisis on the Holiday Helpline"

(Soundtrack key: You do your own lines and the CD supplies the background music and sound effects.)

The Holiday Helpline is set up to help people facing despair, despondency and depression during the holidays. But without the Lord, what hope can the counselor give? What if he's worse off than the callers? Funny and effective, with a powerful salvation scene. A short, VERY easy to do skit that needs only one person onstage (with the script on a laptop), and one offstage on a microphone! This may be the ultimate last-minute Christmas skit! 8-10 minutes.

This one is a favorite of those that have done it!

"How Nick Became a Saint!"

(Soundtrack key: You do your own lines and the CD supplies the background music and sound effects.)

Under observation by the unseen angel assigned to him, department store clerk Nick is drafted to be a fill-in Santa. Enduring demands and abuse by the kids in line, his holiday cheer melts like a snowflake on a griddle. But then he gets the best present he ever received, from the most unlikely source; a little girl on his knee who shows him where the true joy of Christmas comes from. Kids and adults can be part of this one! 8-10 minutes.

"The Cowboy Carl and Pal the Wonderdog Radio Christmas Special"

(Soundtrack key: You do your own lines and the CD supplies the background music and sound effects.)

Read the hilarious two-person script, "Cowboy Carl and Pal the Wonder Dog's Radio Christmas Special," by clicking the title. This one is different, in that you get to produce a "live radio show" right in front of the audience! It also combines the fun of a puppet skit by making one of the characters a puppeteer. You've never seen -or performed- a skit as unique as this one! About 15 minutes long.

Looking for longer full-length plays, but still with no lines to learn? Keep reading!

Of course, if you are wanting to do a full play, we have those as well;  ranging from 40 minutes all the way to 80 minutes, in our unique "no lines to learn" narrated format.  They have been extremely popular with visitors, and literally many thousands of churches have done them with fantastic success. Go to the script page to see them!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Another "Guy With The Cardboard Christ" video

I found another recent live performance of one of my skit scripts on Godtube, performed by NLBC's Shepherds Drama Team on 10/14/12. I assume that is the New Life Baptist Church, but I'm not sure... however I do know that it is located in Hudson, Michigan since they ordered and used the soundtrack CD that goes with it. They did a great job with it; their acting was top notch, and they delivered every line perfectly. Enjoy!

In case you want to do this yourself, get the script here:

Watch The Guy with the Cardboard Christ from jhousler on GodTube.

Update: Here is another one I found online! They also did a good job of it:

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

"The Telltale Talent" Film

Well, the fine folks at Rentz Baptist Church in Rentz, GA have been at it again! You may recall the first film they made, "The Soul Hunt," based on my skit script "Assignment: Witness!" The blog entry about it can be read here, and you can view the film as well. This year, for their big wild game dinner event, they have filmed and produced another of my scripts, this time "The Telltale Talent." (Read the script for it here, it is great to perform in your own church, and raise awareness of the need for volunteers.)

Director Steve Knight and the members of the men's hunting fellowship, as well as others at the church, have gone all out and created a 20 minute movie of the script, going so far as to film at night in the town's local cemetery for the climactic scene! You may view the film below; but if you would like to show it or "The Soul Hunt" as your church, contact me for a copy on DVD.

Watch The Telltale Talent on GodTube.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Halloween Alternative Event Skits

Halloween... what's a Christian to do with it?

Some few, remembering their own innocent childhood fun, celebrate it with their kids, creating new memories.

But generally believers fall into one of two camps. Either they ignore it, wishing it would go away, or they severely lambast it and condemn those that paticipate in it in any way. Neither reaction is particularly effective for reaching people with the gospel message during the season. As another, more positive option, many churches have "Fall Festivals," "Hallelujah Nights," "Harvest Parties," and so on, as Halloween Alternative events. Many parents, Christian or not, are looking for safe places to take their kids on Halloween to avoid the dangers of trick-or-treating, and the local church harvest festival event is often the place they go, or might consider taking their kids to.

The goal is, to make the event fun and a part of the October theme, without going too far one way or the other. One extreme is to ignore the Halloween season completely and make the event just a fair-oriented event or special church service. That's not too attractive to those wanting only a safer, but still fun, place to go. On the other side of the fence is the church that has a Haunted House or Trail or even a "Hell House." Those aren't attractive to those looking for a less scary atmosphere.

The best and most well-attended events are those that make the kids feel that they aren't missing out on Halloween, but are without the usual horror and occult overtones. Pumpkins, fall leaves, and other decorations traditionally associated with fall and harvest, will help make the event fit in with the season and make it fun. Skits and drama can be the part of the event that contain the "gospel outreach" elements that are so important.
Looking for "anti-Halloween" skits to convince people of how bad it is?

Sorry, you won't find them here. Those kinds of skits turn off the very people you want to reach. The skits here are perfect for Ocotober events, and not only fit it nicely, but come with a strong Biblical message.

These are written in such a way that the spookiness and scariness are not treated as foreign themes, but are recognized and used as a powerful and integral part of the method of sharing a positive message.

Here's an email from a script user who had this to say...

Sometime a week or two before Halloween, the Rabun Creek Baptist Church will be doing your script "Tricks or Treats: Scare vs Share."I think it will be a big help with our advertising for volunteers for "Trunk or Treat" this year, hosted by our church. Hopefully, this will entice more of our church people who are against it to actually support it and help by decorating a trunk! Last year was our first year doing trunk or treat and we had over 300 kids stop in! Talk about an outreach opportunity! Thank you!

-Andrea Creasy
Gray Court, SC

And here's another one...

The Claridon Christian Fellowship Church will be performing your script, "Tricks or Treats: Scare vs Share" on Friday, October 26.

This skit is perfect for our annual Harvest Festival. Sure beats hiring expensive entertainment as we have in the past. It's very funny and cleverly written. I like the fact that your scripts address Halloween head-on by using it to bring a postive message. Thank you for putting your work out there and making it free!

God Bless!
-Jennifer Perry,
Claridon, OH

Here are some of the scripts that would be perfect for a Fall Festival:
"A Midnight Dreary"  
No lines to learn! All the action in this short 19-minute play is performed to the narration (with music and effects) on the Soundtrack CD. A man is spending a stormy night at home by himself. When he thinks that an escaped convict is lurking outside, he forgets the Bible lesson on fear he was studying, and panics. A comedy of terrors results, as circumstances conspire to bring him to the brink of a nervous breakdown. Perfect for Fall Festivals and Halloween Alternative events!

In "The Telltale Talent," the main character is watching an old Frankenstein movie on TV when he falls asleep and has a dream sent by God, and part of the events unfold in a creepy graveyard! An angel takes him to the Cemetery of Buried Talents, where he learns about the effects of neglecting to use one's God-given talents for His Kingdom. It ends up with a powerful message about our personal responsibility to work for the Lord using the tools He has given us. One of the most popular skits here for Halloween alternative events or October services!

In "Attack of the Monster Tongue," the spirit of gossip is personified as a rampaging creature straight from an old 50's sci-fi horror flick. A tale is told around town about the pastor of a church, growing and mutating as it spreads. Finally, the horror is stopped as the source is confronted, and the Monster Tongue is silenced by the Word of God!
In "The Creature In The Closet," a parable about the dangers of harboring a grudge, a man finds that hiding a grudge monster in his closet is a hazardous thing to do. About the harmful effects of unforgiveness, this skit is funny, with a hair-raising confrontation that ends in a touching reconciliation.

In "Tricks or Treats" the question of how to use Halloween as a witnessing opportunity is addressed in a light way, and it takes place on Halloween night in the script. It's Scare vs Share as a man and wife disagree about the way to greet the kids, with a hapless little old lady from next door as the victim of the conflict!

"Assignment: Hindrance" portrays the trials and triumphs experienced by two demons who have been given the job of tripping up Christians. What makes them happy, and what makes them upset, reveals the ways that Christians either make their job easier or more difficult.

"The Crate Escape!" is a mini-play about 15-20 minutes long that demonstrates the traps that the devil can ensnare people with. A helpless fellow that fell for one learns, after seeing the futility of various human efforts, how that the only freedom we can have is through the liberating power of the Word of God. Go to this page to see it performed by a youth group who did it up right! It will inspire you to do it too.

"In The Shadow Of Death," the main character is followed by death, personified in the image of the Grim Reaper, and seeks an escape by going to various people for help. A Christian finally gives him the good news about how to take the sting out of death. This skit is particularly good for October, as you can see from the images below, taken during a performance by the 7-9 grade Sunday School class at Charity Baptist Church in Dayton, Ohio.

Each of these skit scripts use an element of fear to make strong statements about the overcoming power available through Jesus Christ. Showing that the Spirit He has given us, which is not a Spirit of fear, can overcome things in this life that are scary, is a worthy goal. Being afraid of even touching on scary situations in your skits, shows that fear itself has already conquered you in your desire to witness effectively.

Want something different? Go to our Script Page to see everything we have to offer!

Any of these scripts would add greatly to your Halloween Alternative event with just the right amount of seasonal spookiness and spiritual truth. Have a special Drama night, with several of these skits done back to back or as part of an overall program. Or do one of them in between the events and songs in your concert. Your attendees will enjoy it and go home with the message lingering in their minds and hearts long afterward.

How To Use The Skits

"Great," you say. "I'm convinced. But I need a longer play than the 8-10 minute scripts here."

No problem! Just do several of them! Two or even three of them, separated by a song, followed by a short message from the pastor or youth pastor, would make a whole program, in a "variety show" format. Your emcee or host can even be a "Rod Serling" type of character, with each skit presented as a vignette on a theme that he presents. The overall program could be called "The Spiritual Zone," using music from the "Twilight Zone" TV show. Sounds like fun, doesn't it?

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Mother's Day Skit Testimonials

It's always better to read what others are saying about someone's material, other than the author. Here are some word-for-word testimonial emails from people that have used my Mother's Day script "Mama's Close Call." It's not too late to do it for your church or Mother-Daughter Banquet! Read on to see what they're saying:

Hello Fred,
I must say I thoroughly enjoyed both reading and performing your skit "Mama's Close Call." It was truly awesome. The congregation gave rave reviews afterwards. The sound effects CD was absolutely smashing. I have been writing plays for my church for approximately 13 years. I am working on my master's degree at the school of the arts in California (Motion Pictures and Television) to learn how to convert plays into screenplays. I am working on a school project and didn't have time to write one for the church for Mother's Day, that's when I searched the internet. When I read your material I was really impressed. I had so much fun doing your skit, that we will be using more of your scripts throughout the year. I usually do two major performances during the year (Christmas and Easter). Looking forward to doing business with you in the future. God Bless you!
-Faye Knight

Dear Fred,
The Sanctuary of Savannah in Savannah, GA performed your script, "Mama's Close Call" on Sunday, May 13. The skit was an absolute delight! Our ladies performed it perfectly and we all loved it! Can't wait to do more of your skits! Thanks so much for this ministry-- God certainly put you in our lives to assist with our ministry!
-Letha Hammond

We did your "Mama's Close Call"skit for a "Celebration of Women" Banquet we had last May 7. We purchased the soundtrack CD, not really thinking that it would make much difference, but were we ever wrong! It added so much humor to the skit; especially the can-can music! It was hilarious! We also performed the skit on Sunday, May 8, for the entire church; to give you an idea of it's success--our Pastor, Randy Damron, had a hard time getting himself together to preach afterward! The whole congregation was literally in tears, from laughing! We will definitely be using more of your stuff!! Thanks,

-Terrie Stevens Jubilee Christian Assembly Pikeville, Kentucky

 We just performed your "Mama's Close Call" skit for our ladies mother/daughter banquet at the New Life Christian Center in Lancaster, OH. We had 140 women attend. It met with great success and was hysterical. I wrote and directed drama for years, and I've written many humorous skits. Yours are superb! We know God had a sense of humor because he created people like you and me!! At 65 I've slowed down and now prefer to just perform in skits. I'm thrilled with your quality and that you share them for free. God bless you for your creativity and the greatest of all, for using it for our Lord Jesus Christ!
-Arlene Speakman

Here is the script for "Mama's Close Call" for you to read yourself:  Also, you will enjoy the sequel, "Mama Knows Best!"

Friday, April 13, 2012

New Easter Script: "The Legacy"

Like my most popular Christmas plays, this has NO lines to learn! Written for Easter, but good for Mother's Day or anytime, this easy-to-do 52-minute script with narrative soundtrack presents a powerful message about Jesus' obedience to His Father, and His atoning sacrifice, in the form of a dream of a young man on the verge of an important decision. His believing mother's prayers for her son result in a life-changing experience that will touch your audience!

Click here to read the script and listen to an audio preview of the soundtrack; OR, click here to read a shorter story outline, so you will know if you like it before reading the whole thing.

While I do have some plays on the site that can be used for Easter, such as "Jerusalem's Most Wanted," and several others, I have never written one specifically focusing on the events of the cross. There are many plays out there that recount the events of Good Friday and Easter in very accurate ways, and many churches do the traditional re-enactments. What could I do that would add to that? I wanted to do one that was like some of my others, in our unique "Play/Act" format, which has all the narration, music and sound effects on the soundtrack CD, meaning that there were no lines to learn. These kind on our site are very popular for Christmas... but writing one for Easter was problematic. The Nativity is much easier to depict than the crucifixion. Many smaller churches have less people and room on stage than is needed for a large-scale production of the events of the cross, which can be difficult to pull off.

This means that if I did do a narrated CD for the events, that many smaller churches would not be able to do it. If they could do an Easter play portraying the events, chances are they have already done so or are planning on it, and another script would not be needed. I struggled with a way to do a meaningful and moving play based on Easter events that could be done by smaller churches as well, with the CD making it easier to learn. After much thought and prayer, I believe I have come up with a workable yet dramatic idea that revolves around the action surrounding the Lord's suffering and triumph, that allows for a narrated soundtrack, and a smaller cast and stage. This is done by having the audience see only the reactions of the main character, as he witnesses several parts of the Biblical events. We, as the audience, only hear the sounds of the scourging and crucifixion, as the young man sees it happening in front of him, looking toward the audience.

The scenes he sees are brought to life by the narration, music and effects, and we see the impact it has on him and the Biblical characters with him as they watch, the action they see "offstage" in the direction of the audience watching them. Make sense? What they are seeing is happening in the direction of the audience, so the audience sees up close the character's reactions to it. The soundtrack will make it sound real, and it will be brought to life in their imaginations. The story is more about the impact the events have on the young man, than an actual re-enactment on stage.

Oh, by the way, the present-day part of the play itself will not refer to any particular time-period that it takes place during. Although the scenes in the dream are from the events of the crucifixion, the play can be done any time, not only at Easter, and would work equally well as a Mother's Day drama, since the mother's prayers are primarily responsible for the conviction the son experiences. It will also speak to sons and daughters of praying mothers. So, it could work equally well for Easter, Mother's Day or any time!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

1-minute Skit Bit: "Faults Prophecy"

"Faults Prophecy"

copyight 2002 by Fred Passmore

(Adapted from our national one-minute radio program, "You Gotta Laugh!")

Listen to a Windows Media file of this program for inspiration!

(Play the Skit Bits music open as the players come onto the stage and take their positions.)

(If you are using the Supplemental Skit Trax CD, begin Track #34, the standard skitbit open music. This CD is available on the site, on the script page for this skit.)

(Two guys are standing at a table packing various items in cardboard boxes. One of them, Bill, after working a few moments, stretches and shakes his hands as if they are tired.)

Bill: "I feel like taking a break. Think I'll see what my horoscope says for today..."

(He picks up a newspaper and sits down to read it.)

Jerry: "You mean horriblescope! Bill, you shouldn't be looking to some superstition to know your future! You should trust the Lord and read His Word!

Bill: "Now, let's not get into all that religious stuff again, Jerry."

Jerry: "But astrology IS a religion! It's people trusting in the stars instead of the Son...the Son of God!

Bill: I'm not gonna put my trust in someone I don't know. But Madame Seer has a fortune-telling place right here in town!"

Jerry: "Bill, remember the boss said we have to have all orders filled before noon."

Bill: "Aw, you're doing okay with it."

Jerry: "Thanks a lot." (He keeps working.)

Bill: "Let's see, Virgo, Libra... here it is; Pices! Listen to this, Madame Seer is always right on the money!"

Jerry: "Bill, they're giving the same reading for millions of people! It's impossible! If it's ever right it's just dumb luck."

Bill: "Then today must be my lucky day! Listen: 'You will experience a life-changing event today. Your work will finally be rewarded. Watch for an unexpected door to open."

(A door opens and the Boss, Mr. Boyle, charges in.)

The Boss: (Shouting angrily.) "Bill!

(Bill jumps up, startled and guilty, trashing the newpaper and trying to hide it.)

Bill: "Mr. Boyle!"

The Boss: "Caught you goofing off again! YOU'RE FIRED!"

(If you are using the Supplemental Skit Trax CD, begin Track #35, the standard skitbit close music.)

(Music out: "Skit Bits Music Close" Hint: Play the outro music IMMEDIATELY upon the delivery of the last line for maximum impact! Nothing kills a funny moment faster than a flubbed or delayed musical cue! Have the actors beat it offstage as quickly also, as the music begins.)


This short skit underlines the futility of chasing after predictions, and highlights the way that we influence our destinies by our actions. By loafing on the job, Bill inadvertantly fulfills the generic prediction in a negative way.