Thursday, February 7, 2013

New MP3 Download Features

I'm excited about a new feature I am offering on my skit site at! I am now using the service to make available instant downloads for all my soundtracks.

Up to now, when someone wanted to buy an MP3 download, visitors would click a link to let me know that they wanted one. Then, I would email them back with a link to the payment page. Then, once they had paid, I would email them back with the link to a page with the files, which were password protected.

Now, however, buyers can choose right away which they want; CD, or MP3 download. If they select the MP3, they can add it to cart, pay, and instantly have access to the download page. Much easier for everyone!

Below is a link to my store on the site; you can go there to order, or use the link found in the Soundtrack Info box on each script page at the main skit!

Click here to view all the products in my store!