Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Amusing Video of "Season's Beatings" Script

I found this charmingly simple video done on Youtube featuring a performance of our script "Season's Beatings: Live From Downtown." I have seen videos of various church groups doing it many times, but never acted out with toys! View it here or on the viewer below:


Get the script here and perform it live or with puppets!

Monday, November 10, 2014

Short, Easy-To-Do (But AMAZING) Christmas Skits!

If you are  looking desperately for a short Christmas skit you can do that will amaze -and touch- your audience, you have been blessed to be led to this page! We have some of the most popular short Christmas skits to be found anywhere on the web. There are soundtrack CDs that come with the scripts that will make your performance more effective, and easier. Some are of our unique "Play/Act" format, with no lines to learn. Others supply the music and sound effects called for in the scripts. Read some user testimonials here!

Here they are, click on the titles to read:

 (Soundtrack key: NO LINES TO LEARN, CD supplies the narration, background music and sound effects.)

If you are looking for something very short to do for your Christmas service, this is the mini-play for you! Performed to a narrated soundtrack, so there are no lines to learn, this 15 minute script takes only 4 people to perform... two major and two minor parts.

A hermit that lives in a junkyard is feeling down on Christmas Eve, praying for more to eat than what he has, a can of vienna sausages and crackers. An unexpected visitor who is worse off than he is helps him to learn that giving what you can is the path to blessing. Get the script here, and the soundtrack that has all the narration, sound effects and music!

The Narrated Nativity

(Soundtrack key: NO LINES TO LEARN, CD supplies the narration, background music and sound effects.)

Want to do a short traditional Christmas Nativity play, but with no lines to learn? Use this script and soundtrack CD, which supplies all of the narration, background music and sound effects on the CD!  The four scenes are: The Annunciation, The Angel Tells The Shepherds, The Shepherds Find The Baby, and Simeon and Anna In The Temple. Each one runs about 5 minutes, for a total of 20 minutes. Click the above title to get the script and CD soundtrack. You could separate each scene with live Christmas singing, if you wish!

"The Ultimate Gift"

(Soundtrack key: NO LINES TO LEARN, CD supplies the narration, background music and sound effects.)

The three-part comedic skit entitled "The Ultimate Gift" is an 18 minute presentation, you can do the skits and present live singing in between each part if you wish.  Synopsis: At a meeting of a technology company days before Christmas, three inventors present their inventions for the next year's "Ultimate Gift." In each of the three five-to-six-minute skit sequences, a way-out device is demonstrated that causes havoc on the group, with truly hysterical results! A cleaning lady that is present shares with them what the ultimate gift really is, and how to receive it. Full of humor, funny action and deep meaning, but with no lines to learn, these short series of skits will excite your actors and tickle the viewers. Click the above title to get the script and CD soundtrack for "The Ultimate Gift"!


"The Great Church Robbery"

(Soundtrack key: BOTH OPTIONS ARE ON THE CD: NO LINES TO LEARN --OR-- You do your own lines and the CD supplies the background music and sound effects.)

Inspired by "How The Grinch Stole Christmas, this is a short yet powerful presentation guaranteed to bring a smile to their lips and a tear to their eyes! It can be done as a dramatic reading or acted out to the recording or live narration. Done by many for Christmas, it can be done at any time for a short presentation if you want something simple but very moving. Another great last-minute skit since it can be acted out to the narrated recording! 6 minutes.

Our all-time most popular short Christmas script!
"Live From Downtown"

(Soundtrack key: You do your own lines and the CD supplies the background music and sound effects.)

Looking around for the perfect short comedy Christmas skit for that holiday banquet or service? Well, look no more! Here is the script for one that's 10 to 12 minutes, that can use 13 or more people (8 actors and a group of carolers). This script is just right if you're looking for a short but funny (and meaningful) Christmas presentation. It has been our most popular short Christmas skit so far. Check it out!

This one can be done simply by just two people!
"Crisis on the Holiday Helpline"

(Soundtrack key: You do your own lines and the CD supplies the background music and sound effects.)

The Holiday Helpline is set up to help people facing despair, despondency and depression during the holidays. But without the Lord, what hope can the counselor give? What if he's worse off than the callers? Funny and effective, with a powerful salvation scene. A short, VERY easy to do skit that needs only one person onstage (with the script on a laptop), and one offstage on a microphone! This may be the ultimate last-minute Christmas skit! 8-10 minutes.

This one is a favorite of those that have done it!

"How Nick Became a Saint!"

(Soundtrack key: You do your own lines and the CD supplies the background music and sound effects.)

Under observation by the unseen angel assigned to him, department store clerk Nick is drafted to be a fill-in Santa. Enduring demands and abuse by the kids in line, his holiday cheer melts like a snowflake on a griddle. But then he gets the best present he ever received, from the most unlikely source; a little girl on his knee who shows him where the true joy of Christmas comes from. Kids and adults can be part of this one! 8-10 minutes.

"The Cowboy Carl and Pal the Wonderdog Radio Christmas Special"

(Soundtrack key: You do your own lines and the CD supplies the background music and sound effects.)

Read the hilarious two-person script, "Cowboy Carl and Pal the Wonder Dog's Radio Christmas Special," by clicking the title. This one is different, in that you get to produce a "live radio show" right in front of the audience! It also combines the fun of a puppet skit by making one of the characters a puppeteer. You've never seen -or performed- a skit as unique as this one! About 15 minutes long.

Looking for longer full-length plays, but still with no lines to learn? Keep reading!

Of course, if you are wanting to do a full play, we have those as well;  ranging from 40 minutes all the way to 80 minutes, in our unique "no lines to learn" narrated format.  They have been extremely popular with visitors, and literally many thousands of churches have done them with fantastic success. Go to the script page to see them!

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

15-Minute "No Lines To Learn" Mini Christmas Play!

If you are looking for something very short to do for your Christmas service, this is the mini-play for you! Performed to a narrated soundtrack, so there are no lines to learn, this 15 minute script takes only 4 people to perform... two major and two minor parts.

 It's called "The Junk Man's Christmas Dinner" and it is adapted from the longer play "Assignment: Comfort and Joy." Isolated and slightly re-written with a different ending to stand alone, the script is for those needing something short, easy-to-do and moving!

A hermit that lives in a junkyard is feeling down on Christmas Eve, praying for more to eat than what he has, a can of vienna sausages and crackers. An unexpected visitor who is worse off than he is helps him to learn that giving what you can is the path to blessing. Get the script here, and soundtrack that has all the narration, sound effects and music!

This would fit in wonderfully with other elements of a special Christmas service;  let this be the "adult" contribution, with your kids doing another of our short narrated skits like "The Great Church Robbery" or another script you have ready for them. Have some Christmas songs or music before, in the middle between the adult and children's plays and after, and you have a well-rounded presentation that all ages will enjoy! 

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Recipe For a Skit Disaster

Done right, with plenty of rehearsal time, commitment and effort, your drama presentations can add some delicious spice and scriptural flavor to your event or church service!

Done wrong, however, they can be a stomach-churning, distasteful experience.
There are many tips, advice, helps, etc., on this site, to support your performance of the scripts you find here. But this page is devoted to providing you with a recipe for making crummy skits. After all, there are already so many crummy skits being done, surely someone would like a proven recipe for making one.

So, print out this page, put it in your recipe book, and follow it's directions to the letter the next time you want to pull off a truly terrible skit performance!

Two heaping cups of Procrastination
A half-pound of Sloppiness
16 oz. of Unpreparedness
The slightest pinch of Rehearsal
At least a half-dozen Excuses

Put off looking for a suitable skit script until the VERY LAST MINUTE. Procrastination is an extremely important ingredient in the Skit Disaster dish. After all, skits are just last-minute, unimportant, toss-together in no-time little things, right? So don't think ahead, wait until a few days before the event to try to prepare. If ordering a soundtrack, wait til a few days so that the Post Office can't get it to you on time. If it does arrive the day before you need it, procrastination has done it's work, since your actors will have very little time to get used to working with it.

Once you have found a script at the last minute, no matter how great it is, remember: you can turn it into a Skit Disaster with no trouble, by tossing in the Sloppiness ingredient. Sloppiness is key in making a good script turn out bad. So apply it liberally to all aspects! The dialog, do it sloppy where no-one can understand it! The staging, do it sloppy and just wander around the stage aimlessly! The sound effects and music, just slop them in wherever and at any level! The props, just grab some stuff and sloppily throw them in a box, maybe they'll work!

Unpreparedness is a wonderful aspect of the Skit Disaster recipe. It really won't turn out as bad as it could unless you add this in liberal quantities. Even a little of this spells trouble for a drama presentation, so use a lot to make sure it goes horribly wrong! Don't give your scripts to your actors until too late for them to memorize them, just have them walk around the stage pretending to act while really reading the script! Nothing screams "Unpreparedness" like that. Unpreparedness will ensure that the message of the script goes unheard. All the audience's attention will be focused on the bad performances, and the idea in the script will be totally missed. See how easy it is?

Next, use the tiniest pinch of "Rehearsal." Just a pinch, a teeny-tiny grain, the less the better, really. Too much of this will make your Skit Disaster turn out too well done.

Finally, offhandedly toss all the elements together and serve lukewarm with a side garnish of "Excuses." You really can't have a Skit Disaster without plenty of Excuses to wash down the bitter aftertaste with. Here are some ideas:

"I didn't find the site until it was too late."
"I was too busy to do a good job."
"Nobody really expects too much from skits, anyway."
"I'm really no good at this, I'm only doing it till they can find someone else."
"We're not professionals. Besides, the Lord can't use people who are too well-prepared; everyone knows that study and planning quenches the Spirit!"

These are just a few examples. If you are determined to serve up a Skit Disaster, you will more than likely have some Excuses of your own to garnish it up with.

This dish is quite filling. If done according to this proven recipe, your audience will not want another serving for quite a while. If they still do, then increase the quantity of ingredients next time, while decreasing the amount of Rehearsal you put into it. It may be that they have never seen skits or drama done any other way, in which case, you will may called upon to serve more at various times.

Good luck in making these scripts into a Skit Disaster!

Monday, June 16, 2014

Yet Another Performance of "The Guy With The Cardboard Christ"

Found another video online of a performance of my script "The Guy With the Cardboard Christ," performed by New Life Baptist Church Shepherds Drama Team on 10/14/12.They did a fantastic job of it, and everyone enjoyed it. You will too!

Click to watch: The Guy with the Cardboard Christ from jeremiah_housler on GodTube.

Watch other versions of the script posted here: http://letsskitbusy.blogspot.com/2012/11/another-guy-with-cardboard-christ-video.html

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

"Prohibiting Prayer: The Daniel Decree" Father's Day script

A new play, in the "No Lines to Learn" format, has been released! Entitled "Prohibiting Prayer: The Daniel Decree," the script is a unique retelling of the story of Daniel and the Lion's Den from a new perspective. All the narration, powerful background music and sound effects are supplied on the soundtrack.

The Chief Scribe to King Darius, responsible for chronicling events in the kingdom, tells the story that he and his son witness and became participants in. Seeing Daniel's dedication and deliverance, both he and his son learn that they can trust Daniel's God like he does.

Length of play with soundtrack: approximately 35 minutes. PERFECT for Father's Day!!!

June 15th, 2014 is Father's Day. This would make a good play to use, since the king's scribe is training his son, and together they learn to have faith in Daniel's God after being witness to the miracle of his protection while in the den of lions.

Here is the link:

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Testimonials for Easter play "The Legacy"

One of the rewards I get for the work I put into the script-writing and soundtrack production is the feedback in the form of user testimonials.  Here are some emails that I got from people that did my play "The Legacy," which can be found here.

We did your play "The Legacy" this past Easter. I absolutely loved it and so did our whole congregation. I wish you had more plays like this where we don't have to say lines. It was powerful and many tears were shed during the play. But more importanly a husband and dad of two of my actors came back to the Lord and had an emotional time with Jesus just because of the play. He is now serving the Lord just because he came to watch his family in the family. So praise the Lord for the work that you do.
-Gail Miller Bethany Pentecostal Church Manchester, Ky

Hello, Fred,
Your play "The Legacy" was very well received! Our elderly especially appreciated it because they could hear every word. Also, a retired minister, who is going blind, called to tell me how much he appreciated the drama. I know there were unsaved people in attendance, so I know seeds were planted. I was able to get people to act who were really out of their comfort zone. It was such a great time with people coming together to present God's salvation story. I didn't know at the beginning how this was all going to come together, but I trusted God that he would make it happen. The "no lines" format worked beautifully!

Fred, if you have time, go to our church website, http://www.bunkertownchurch.org. Click on the photo gallery, and you will be able to see a slide show. (See it here.)

The soundtrack was fantastic! God sure did bless you with "The Voice". I hope we can work with you again in the future. My friend at church will be in charge of the Christmas program, so I will show her The Christmas Play to see if she would be interested. Thanks again for a wonderful, wonderful drama!
-Blessings to you,

Dear Fred,
The Full Gospel Tabernacle in Eureka, CA will be performing "The Legacy" on March 31, 2013.
Thank you for such a wonderful drama! The quality of the soundtrack is super! I am believing that Jesus is going to use this drama to touch the hearts of many of our Easter Sunday visitors.
-Vicki Barry

Monday, January 20, 2014

Popular Valentine's Day Skits!

"Battle of the Sexes: Round One"

In this "post-fig leaf" script, the world's first couple hit their first speed bump on the road to martial... uh, marital bliss. After being evicted from the Garden of Eden, will  Adam and Eve ever get over blaming each other? About 8-10 minutes in length, this light, humorous, but ultimately touching skit, is great anytime, but perfect for Valentine's Day. 

Listen to it here, as it was produced for my comedy CD and featured on my radio show: http://www.sheeplaughscomedyshow.com/slcsprogram47.mp3

Go here to get details on the script and order it along with the soundtrack!

Here are some user testimonials: 

Hey Fred,
I just wanted to drop a line and tell you that my wife and I performed "Battle of the Sexes: Round One" at our church Saturday night.  We have a mostly older attendance at our independent Bible church.  They loved it, everyone was laughing and clapping at  the end.  We are glad we ordered the soundtrack.  We had a great time and it was said that some parts seemed very realistic.  Thank you for a nice alternative for church gatherings and dinners.  I again thank you for the website and the  great customer service, may God bless your ministry.  -Mike Shimko

Just wanted to let you know how our skit turned out. My husband and I performed your "Battle of the Sexes: Round One" skit for our Valentine Banquet at church. We had a wide variety of ages; young married couples on up to elderly and widowed. I made costumes out of faux leopard fur and we had fur on a set of risers that we used as our central point on the stage. I believe it was a huge hit with our crowd! At least it must've been by the volume of laughter it produced. We purchased the soundtrack and I have to attest to the fact that it would not have been as effective without the jungle noises. Our son operated the sound and we had the script on prompters - three in fact so whatever direction we were facing we could see our lines. I am so glad I happened onto your site and found this skit. I absolutely will check it out again whenever we need something and would not hesitate to recommend this site to others. Thanks for all your hard work. It is so refreshing as a Christian to be able to provide good, clean enjoyable entertainment. Blessings to you and your gifted service.
Joy Johnson
First Church of the Nazarene
Dublin, Georgia

Dear Fred,
The Church On The Rock will be doing "The Battle of the Sexes: Round One" on Feb 14th, 2010.
After the huge success of the "New Years at the Bad Habits Club" skit for our New Years Eve fellowship, we just knew we had to do "Battle of the Sexes" for our Valentines Fellowship! The skits are so well written and the soundtracks give the finishing touch!! Thank you so much for making these available for such a terrific price!
Blessings....Marlene Laurent, Church On The Rock

Lots of laughs-thank you- thank you-thank you!!!
I used Mama's Close Call, Attack of the Monster Tongue, Testimony Show (at a churchLadies meeting in November) New Years Eve at the Bad Habit Club," (at our New Years Eve Service) Battle of the Sexes (at our Valentine Banquet) "Pastors Barbeque" was used at another meeting and every single one of them was a HUGE HIT! I know the actors make the skits really work but without you providing the Scripts and Soundtracks they wouldn't know what to say or act. Buying the soundtracks was worth every dime.  I also like that you don’t need a lot of supplies or scenery to make them work. 
You have truly been a blessing to me and my church. Thank you very much!!!!  Your ministry is so needed.
-Pam May
Baptist Church,

Hi Fred,
I just wanted to let you know that my wife and I performed 'Battle of the Sexes, Round One" last night.  It was a huge success.  We are a very small church made up of mostly "baby-boomers".  The production was the start of our Valentine's party.  Folks were laughing and talking about the show all evening. 
The sound effects were a super addition.  We didn't have an operator for the sound so I came up with a rather unique way to run it.  I put together "sound scapes" as slides on Power Point. I used a rf remote concealed in my costume to "fire" each effect. I had mixed the sound effect with the jungle sounds on each slide (thank the Lord for Audacity, wish I had this back in the 70's when I did radio production). It worked great. I wish you continued success with your ministry.  I feel sure we will be doing more.
Thanks again for your help and your wonderful script.
Jimmy and Donna Laird,
First Baptist Church Lucas, TX.