Tuesday, March 2, 2010

"Redemption In The Wings" performance report

I often hear praise reports back from individuals who used the scripts at their church, and they encourage me to continue on. Here is a letter written to me to let me know how their Christmas play went, and it was a blessing for me to read, so I'm sharing it with you here also.

Dear Fred,

We, at New Life Baptist Tabernacle (in Ferrum, VA), have been using your Christmas play materials since 2005 and have greatly enjoyed each production, with each year overwhelmingly topping the previous year's production. This past December we presented your new play "Redemption in the Wings" and it was a huge success. Our audience swelled with applause and many were touched at a deep level, emotionally and most importantly, spiritually.

One lady, who attended the largest church in town, came as a guest in support of one of our cast members and said she was impressed with the production, adding, "I definitely was not expecting a play like that...." (I deduced her to imply that our church is small and in a rural area, and therefore is not expected to produce such an amazing, impacting event.) I was SO proud to have been able to have a part in presenting such an outstanding, nativity production that would lift high the name of Jesus and Glorify God in our community.

Our costumes were awesome! Our set rocked! Our cast pulled off their portrayal of their characters precisely, perfectly and powerfully! It was INCREDIBLE!!! One of my favorite memories of that night was when Charlotte revealed to Nate that she was Old Johnny's daughter, I heard several deep gasps of shock from some in the audience. They were leaning forward, entranced and pulled into the story-hook-line-and sinker... they were on the edge of their seats! In addition, during the part at the end when Charlotte reveals her identity to her father and to the entire cast and audience, our audience erupted in applause- long before being "cued" by the soundtrack. The bottom line is that the people were moved deeply; lots of tears and sniffles-each revealing an emotional tenderness, vulnerability and acceptance of the message we wanted to get across.

Finally, praise the Lord- we know of at least four people who gave their hearts to Christ that night. I am confident more were awakened to their spiritual need and each were given the gospel literature and information about our ministry and our desire to help them. Everyone in attendance was incredibly blessed by what they experienced; it was an unforgettable night!
My thanks to you for creating such outstanding material; and how easy you have made it for a church of any size to pull off a professional, entertaining, and uplifting and meaningful production.

My only question to you is this: How soon can you get cracking on next years' play script? I've already been asked by some: What could we possibly do next year to top our last play? (I will leave the answer to that question in your capable hands, Fred.)

A grateful admirer of your work and ministry,
-Evelyn Walls

Here is the link to the play script she was referring to: "Redemption in the Wings." You might want to do it yourself next Christmas!

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  1. Congrats on the feedback from your play. I look forward to reading more about your work. The Christian community needs good material to work with to portray the human struggle with a view toward God's redeeming work.

    John Manning