Thursday, July 15, 2010

Another "Guy With The Cardboard Christ" video

Here is another performance of "The Guy With The Cardboard Christ" that I found online, and they did a terrific job, with bluescreen-inserted background and everything!

Go here to view it in hi-rez on Youtube. Do the skit yourself by getting the script at my site: It's a proven crowd-pleaser!


  1. Fred,

    The Light and Life Free Methodist Church in Cornwall, UK did your script "The Guy with the Cardboard Christ" on Easter Sunday.

    My friend and I changed the characters to women and performed to a PACKED congregation Sunday morning. They totally LOVED it, it had them rolling in the aisles! The children watched the performance too before they went off to childrens church and were enthralled by it also, which was amazing as we took around 20 mins or so to act it out. Overall comments were a brilliant mix of a strong message and humour, a lot of people said that with most Christian sketches you know where they're going from the word go but had no idea where this one would end up; and some people found it very touching! Someone also gave their heart to the Lord at the service, so who knows how much of a part of that the sketch played!

    You are an amazing sketch writer and we would love to use some more of the scripts over the coming months.

    Many, many thanks!
    -Kath Gibbons

  2. Fred,

    We will be doing "The Guy With The Cardboard Christ" Sunday, April 27th at the Marple Presbyterian Church in Broomall, PA.

    I was very excited about finding this as I am in charge of the Contemporary Service this coming Sunday. This service is led by lay-people. We use a great deal of multi-media in this service. This skit is perfect! Thank you so much. I hope we can do it justice.

    -Cindy Sue Barbezat
    Marple Presbyterian Church
    Broomall, PA