Thursday, March 31, 2011

Mother's Day Skits

It's nearly time again for skits that focus on Mother's Day, and we have two that have been very popular in recent years... check them out! First is "Mama's Close Call." Your congregation will enjoy these humorous skits!

Written for Mother's Day, but good any time, this skit will have everyone in stitches! Mama, settling in for a nice quiet evening with her TV, gets more excitement than she bargained for -or wanted- when her writer son drops in. Getting all choked up -literally- over his tribute to mothers, Mama wonders: will she ever get to watch her movie, or will she end up in the hospital? A hysterical 8-10 minute sketch with a heart! Click here to read it!

(Click here for a version of the script for an all-female cast, with the son part changed to a daughter.)

"Mama Knows Best!" Now available, a Mother's Day version of the skit "How To Be Spiritually Fit," featuring the same characters from the incredibly popular "Mama's Close Call!" When Mama's son Little Louie buys a "do-it-yourself" spiritual fitness program for her, things don't go as he planned. Click here to read this hysterical script!

(Also available in a FEMALE-ONLY cast version!) With a few obvious slight revisions, this could make a good Father's Day script as well!

UPDATE: Read some of the great comments below to see what people are saying about these two skits!


  1. Hello, Fred!

    The Emmanuel Baptist Church in Lansing, North Carolina did "Mamma Know Best," on Mother's Day 2010.

    Everyone just LOVED the skit! It was gut busting laughs. Almost felt like we should "pause" so everyone could catch their breath at times.
    The Pastor's wife loved it so much that we have previewed "The Pastor's BBQ" and I am about to order that as well for our Pastor Appreciation Fellowship. Thanks a million for the skit and the soundtrack. We all were very pleased and due to that, we are ordering our second skit from you! Thanks and May God Bless! Laughter is like a medicine.

    -June Williams

  2. We performed "How Nick Became a Saint" last Dec. 24th and our church loved it. It was so funny! I received the soundtrack so quickly and now we are back to perform Mama's Close Call on our Mother's Day service. Your site has been such a blessing to our ministry. It allows young and old to recieve the message of Jesus Christ and laugh all in the same experience!

    Thank you, we will be back. God bless you and continue to pour into you as you share with the body of Christ!

    -Andera Johnson-Williams
    Community Center Christian Ministries
    South Elgin, Il

  3. AnonymousMay 02, 2011

    The Orangeburg Memorial Church of the Nazarene will be doing your skit "Mama Knows Best"
    on 5/8/11. I cannot wait until I do this skit! I have performed many of your skits and the reactions from the audience is the same...they LOVE it! Thank you! Kevin

  4. AnonymousMay 08, 2011

    Hello Fred,

    I must say I thoughly enjoyed both reading and performing your skit *Mama's Close Call." It was truly awesome. The congregation gave rave reviews afterwards. The sound effects CD was absolutely smashing.

    I have been writing plays for my church for approximately 13 years. I am working on my masters degree at the school of the arts in California (Motion Pictures and Television) to learn how to convert plays into screenplays. I am working on a school project and didn't have time to write one for the church for mother's day, that's when I searched the internet. When I read your material I was really impressed. I had so much fun doing your skit, that we will be using more of your scripts throughout the year. I usually do two major performances during the year (Christmas and Easter).

    Looking forward to doing business with you in the future. God Bless you!

    -Faye Knight

  5. AnonymousMay 11, 2011


    I just wanted to let you know that I just performed “Mama Knows Best,” this past Mother’s Day. The skit of course was awesome and everybody loved it. I had several mothers come up to me and tell me that the skit was what they needed. But there is more to this than just the skit itself.

    The girl that had been practicing with me, called me Sunday morning (just hours before we were suppose to perform the skit) and told me that she could not be at church to do the skit. Her mother-in-law has been on a waiting list for a liver transplant and the hospital called and said they had a liver for her. Praise God for the new liver! I was happy to hear this but I was depressed that I was not going to be able to perform the skit. When I got to the church and told my pastor what had happen and that there was not going to be a skit, he felt like I did. When I went into the sanctuary to put everything back on the stage, I noticed that everything needed for Mama was still there. All of sudden it hit me…I needed to get my wife to be my Mama! She knew about 2/3 of the skit because she ran lines with me. After much convincing she said yes and she put on the wig, housecoat, and slippers. With a little bit of practice on the other 1/3 of the skit, she got up there and performed it like a pro. God is so good! A mother got a liver she needed and my wife (who is also a mother) got up on stage with me to perform the skit that was meant to be performed on Mother’s Day.

    Thank you for your ministry and I cannot wait until I perform another one of your skits. May God bless you and your ministry.

    =Kevin Sprague

  6. AnonymousMay 17, 2012

    We just performed Mama's Close Call for our church's Mothers Day Banquet and it was so hysterical and the women loved it so much our Pastor had us perform it for Sunday morning church as well, this was amazing and we loved the very funny lines in this one, can't wait to do another one, this one was so good we bought the whole kit of CD's to use in the future, thank you for making our Mothers Day Banquet a success!!