Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Mother's Day Skit Testimonials

It's always better to read what others are saying about someone's material, other than the author. Here are some word-for-word testimonial emails from people that have used my Mother's Day script "Mama's Close Call." It's not too late to do it for your church or Mother-Daughter Banquet! Read on to see what they're saying:

Hello Fred,
I must say I thoroughly enjoyed both reading and performing your skit "Mama's Close Call." It was truly awesome. The congregation gave rave reviews afterwards. The sound effects CD was absolutely smashing. I have been writing plays for my church for approximately 13 years. I am working on my master's degree at the school of the arts in California (Motion Pictures and Television) to learn how to convert plays into screenplays. I am working on a school project and didn't have time to write one for the church for Mother's Day, that's when I searched the internet. When I read your material I was really impressed. I had so much fun doing your skit, that we will be using more of your scripts throughout the year. I usually do two major performances during the year (Christmas and Easter). Looking forward to doing business with you in the future. God Bless you!
-Faye Knight

Dear Fred,
The Sanctuary of Savannah in Savannah, GA performed your script, "Mama's Close Call" on Sunday, May 13. The skit was an absolute delight! Our ladies performed it perfectly and we all loved it! Can't wait to do more of your skits! Thanks so much for this ministry-- God certainly put you in our lives to assist with our ministry!
-Letha Hammond

We did your "Mama's Close Call"skit for a "Celebration of Women" Banquet we had last May 7. We purchased the soundtrack CD, not really thinking that it would make much difference, but were we ever wrong! It added so much humor to the skit; especially the can-can music! It was hilarious! We also performed the skit on Sunday, May 8, for the entire church; to give you an idea of it's success--our Pastor, Randy Damron, had a hard time getting himself together to preach afterward! The whole congregation was literally in tears, from laughing! We will definitely be using more of your stuff!! Thanks,

-Terrie Stevens Jubilee Christian Assembly Pikeville, Kentucky

 We just performed your "Mama's Close Call" skit for our ladies mother/daughter banquet at the New Life Christian Center in Lancaster, OH. We had 140 women attend. It met with great success and was hysterical. I wrote and directed drama for years, and I've written many humorous skits. Yours are superb! We know God had a sense of humor because he created people like you and me!! At 65 I've slowed down and now prefer to just perform in skits. I'm thrilled with your quality and that you share them for free. God bless you for your creativity and the greatest of all, for using it for our Lord Jesus Christ!
-Arlene Speakman

Here is the script for "Mama's Close Call" for you to read yourself:  Also, you will enjoy the sequel, "Mama Knows Best!"

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  1. AnonymousMay 18, 2012

    Dear Mr. Passmore,
    We did your script "Mama's Close Call" on May 13, 2012 at the St. John Pentecostal Holy Ministries in North Carolina.
    I did the female version with members of our Missionary Circle on Mother's Day. I used teenagers from our youth group as paramedics. We used props, along with the soundtrack I ordered. It was a huge success! From the compliments we received, the congregation thoroughly enjoyed the skit.
    Thank you so much for this website. I'm passing it on to others, and I'm sure I'll be using more of your material for our church in the future. Keep up the great work, and God bless.
    -Sylvia McCrimmon