Wednesday, October 2, 2013

New Christmas Play with No Lines To Learn: "Christmas Leads Us Home"

Many asked for it... now they've got it! Here's a new script in our unique "Play/Act" no-lines-to-learn narrated format. This script, titled "Christmas Leads Us Home" (approximately 50 minutes) deals with a mother's difficult relationship with a wayward daughter, as well as her fears for the soul of a son in the military. A flashback to a family Christmas party from 20 years before is framed by a current-day drama in the nursing home where the mother is staying. A powerful play that will touch everyone, which includes the Nativity story, and the later visit by the Wise Men, as well as a place for the kids to sing live! The soundtrack supplies all the narration, sound effects, and background music. Get the script and CD here!

This script is like a number of our other Christmas plays, in that there are no lines to learn, you play the CD as you perform. This unique format has proven incredibly popular with our visitors, so check out the other scripts in this format on our site,

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