Wednesday, March 25, 2015

"Jerusalem's Most Wanted" video

Over the years I have seen quite a few videos posted of various churches performing my humorous (yet scripturally accurate) play script "Jerusalem's Most Wanted." Some have done a great job, others... well, they held the scripts in hand and talked their way through it. But when I find an exemplary job of putting this play on (or any of my scripts) I like to feature the video, both for the viewer to enjoy watching and to serve as an inspiration to do it yourself.

The video is only attributed to the "UACC Youth Banquet 2012" so far but as soon as I hear from the person that posted it, I will give more details.

Watch Part One:


 Watch Part Two: 

 Watch the conclusion, Part Three: 

Here is where you can get the script and soundtrack that supplies the background score music and sound effects to make it effective and exciting! It was used in the production of the play in this video.

I recently found a video from a church that adapted it to be a musical, with their own songs added in the scenes. You can watch that here:

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