Tuesday, January 12, 2010

"Crazy For Christ!"

I truly enjoy seeing videos of people performing my scripts, and I get sent a lot of them. They also turn up online quite a bit, and that's where I find some occasionally. That's what happened the other day, as I was fishing around for videos of my skits being done, I found a couple posted by a group from Fayetteville, Georgia known as the Harps Crossing Community Theatre. My favorite was their performance of "Crazy For Christ," which is about a young Christian intern applying for a position at a mental institution that has to go on the defensive against the hostile interviewer. The twist at the end is a fun turnaround. The actors delivered their lines perfectly, and I was very pleased with the production.

I asked the person that posted the video, Tim Richardson, for some information, and here's what I learned...

Hello Fred,

I'm so glad you liked Crazy for Jesus. It is one of my favorites as well. We worked hard to perfect our performance and I think the final product is brilliant. I (Tim Richardson) play the doctor/mental patient and the actress was Lauren Kosiba. The rest of the cast is Billy Pagent and Charlie Fells who play the orderlies, Dennis Lowre plays the real doctor, and Amber Hancock plays the nurse. We performed the skit at my home church, Harps Crossing Baptist Church in Fayetteville, GA. Over the last few years I put together a professional theatre company at Harps Crossing, called the Harps Crossing Community Theatre and soon it will be known as Insane Rescue Productions. We have a huge group of up and coming volunteers in our actors guild and our ministry is growing at breakneck speed.

A funny behind-the-scenes story is the hypodermic needle that the nurse uses was supposed to be empty but as a joke they filled it with cold water so when she went to inject me she sent ice cold water down my back. I almost screamed from shock but we laughed about it after the performance!

Your friend,
Tim Richardson

Below I've posted some screen captures of the video showing some of the drama that takes place... click on any of the images to see them larger.

I am looking forward to seeing if they do any more of my material in the future, and I'm pleased to provide the video links below so you can enjoy them for yourself, as well as be inspired to do the skit at your own church! When you go to the video page, there are other videos of their different performances of material by others that you will also enjoy.
Part One

Part Two, the short conclusion.
Get the script they did in the video at my site, http://www.christianskitscripts.com/, as well as many more you will enjoy!


  1. Dear Fred,

    About a year ago I was desperately in need of a skit for my high school youth group to perform in our church, the Plainfield Methodist Church in Plainfield, Wisconsin, a couple of weeks. The skit I had ordered from another site (that had sounded terrific on paper) was dull and boring. It seemed that I had exhausted all the skits out there. I had been doing skits for a couple of years with my group successfully, but now I was running out of material.

    Anyway, one day I sat down at the computer and did a word search, (seemingly the same word search I had done a million other times) but this time I prayed for God to help me find something that would fit my group and congregation's needs. Well, in a matter of seconds your site pops up (like magic!).

    Ever since I have been in heaven! We have now performed "The Creature in the Closet," "The Wrap Group," "How To Be Spiritually Fit" and recently "The Crate Escape." They have all been a blast to perform. They don't need a lot of practice (which we all like) and there are few props needed. Most of all we love the humor and the soundtracks.

    Teenagers get the message in a way they can relate to. Way to go Mr. Passmore, you are really doing God's work! Thank you for providing this gift to us all.

    Many Blessings,

    -Cathy from Plainfield

  2. I will be performing "Crazy for Christ," and "The Man with the Shellfish Heart" all over the country. I am in a speech and debate league, NCFCA (www.ncfca.org) and I will be using this in competition all over the US, hopefully.

    I love these scripts! My friends are going to use "Battle of the Sexes: Round One." That is really funny. Thank you for doing this!

    -Marshall Sherman