Wednesday, January 13, 2010

More Performance Videos!

Here is another video of a drama team performing one of my skits: in this case, "The Crate Escape." I found it on the website of the Trinity Christian Academy in Jacksonville, FL, and they did a good job it it! The video link is at the bottom of these screen captures of the performance.

Click on the images to view larger size.

The predatory Mr Hunter unveils his Mystery Box.

Our curious young man tries out the promised thrills to be found in the box.

But then he finds that he is trapped in the box!

A New Ager offers advice for escaping the prison.

Another person trapped in a box comes by and can offer no hope.

The Word of God is given to the young man, his only hope of escaping.

Having accepted the Lord, the youmg man bursts free of his prison.

The newly-freed believer now offers hope and help to the returning box person.

The cast comes back out for a bow.

Here is the link to the video page where you can watch "The Crate Escape."

They also did my script "The Telltale Talent."

As well as "The Stupid Dummy's Guide To Higher Self-Esteem."

Go to my skit site to see another team performing it here, also!


  1. Dear Fred,

    The Melbourne Seventh-day Adventist Church in Melbourne, FL performed "The Crate Escape" on May 10, 2008.

    My 11 church school students, ages 8-15 performed this script yesterday for our very conservative church as part of our graduation church service. It was a HUGE hit.

    I knew it would be entertaining, but I was concerned about the reaction of some of our older, more conservative members. Afterwards, a gentleman who is very educated, very conservative, and very opinionated, said it was great and that it worked because the script got the story right. He said it was the first time he's seen this topic dealt with in a theologically correct way in a drama. The kids had fun with it and I think we were able to glorify God with our performance. Thank you so much for this resource!

    April Pillsbury-Lloyd
    -Melbourne, FL

  2. Dear Fred,

    We made our own presentation of "The Crate Escape",back in Oct. 30, 2005. It was a wonderful experience. This type of presentation was a first for our church. The Holy Spirit was there to use our presentation to win at least one to Christ and also to bring some much needed laughter to a congregation that has been struggling with the resignation of its pastor and subsequent turmoil associated with finding a replacement. Thank you so much for sharing your gifts with others.

    The CD was excellent and worth every penny. I hope that we will be able to make similar presentations in the future. Your efforts ARE making a difference in the lives of others!!

    Once again, thanks!

    -Christine Games,
    Edgewater Alliance Church in Kingsville, Ohio.

  3. Dear Fred,

    I am 17 years old and live in Russellville, Arkansas. I attend the First Freewill Baptist Church and every year my drama team competes in a National Youth Conference that our denomination puts on.

    Two years ago I came across your site when looking for a drama to compete with, and just found so many skits that related to that year's theme. It made it easy to work with and memorize for performing! That summer we used "The Wrap Group" skit from your site, which was a huge hit; we won district and made it all the way to Nationals where we competed and won! Following the performance, we had multiple churches ask where we came up with the idea and if we would come and perform it for their home church! Of course, we directed them to your website, where we ended up competing against some of the churches that we gave reference to, the next summer.

    This past year, we used "The Crate Escape," and we won Nationals for the second year! Again, we had multiple people come and ask us where we came up with the great skit idea and if we would perform it for their church. We even were asked to visit some church camps where we had the opportunity to perform and work with students our own age. We talked to them and had the chance to share our testimonies.

    I just wanted to thank you for doing what you do. I think all the skits on the site are interesting and modernized which is sometimes hard to find for a church competition. This upcoming year we will most likely be using another one of your scripts to compete with. Our drama team could not have performed as well without the basis of the skits put on your site. Again, thank you and I pray God blesses you and your site!