Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Jerusalem's Most Wanted photos

Today we share some photos found on a blog entry by Dawn Gahan who posted their performance of my script "Jerusalem's Most Wanted." Looks like they did a good job!

(Click on images to view larger.)

The prison guards are given strict orders to keep Peter locked up until his execution.

Peter sleeps peacefully while the soldiers guard him, and discuss his faith.

An angel appears to deliver Peter from the prison, and has trouble waking him!

Peter goes to see the saints praying for him, and they are amazed to see him, despite their prayers for his freedom.

The local newscast alerts the Roman citizens to watch out for the dangerous fugitive. The cardboard TV front was a nice inventive touch!

Read all about it by going to the original Blog entry here. And be sure to get the script to read or do at your own church, by going here! Many churches have done it for something different at Easter.


  1. The Celebration Presbyterian Church in Myrtle Beach, SC performed "Jerusalem's Most Wanted" on April 10, during ou Youth Sunday service.

    Your script was excellent and easy to use. Our youth really enjoyed performing and found it easy to follow. We didn't have a lot of time (4 rehearsals) but they did a great job. Our youngest was a 2nd grader and our oldest an eighth grader. We used 16 kids in the performance. We also used the CD that went with the script and it added so much to the whole setting.

    I can't thank you enough for your site and your material. I was desperate and this really "fit the bill"!!!

    God is Good,
    Karen Jones

  2. Fred,

    I'm so excited that you found my blog post!!! This play was so wonderful to see come to life. And as the person responsible for costume design, it was pure joy.

    Thanks so much for adding to our holiday season. And Christ the King Lutheran Church in Norcross, GA thanks you too.


  3. The Faith Baptist Church will be doing your skits "The Crate Escape" and "How To Be
    Spiritually Fit" this February.

    These are the funniest skits I have ever read! We plan to use a lot of them over time. We are just getting a drama program started. Thanks for all the stage notes. As you read the script, you can just see the drama unfold before your eyes!:)

    Great job!!!

    Lynnette M.
    Linden, Michigan