Tuesday, October 5, 2010

'Mama Knows Best" Performance Pics

Recently I found some photos posted online by a church that did my script "Mama Knows Best!"

The performance was by the Barbara A. Davis Drama Ministry at the Union Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church, located in Randallstown, Maryland.

The Characters and Assistant for the play were:

Mama -- Sis. Crystal Fasion
Louise -- Sis. Sakeena Rogers
Sound -- Bro. Bill Smith
Stage Design -- Bro. Randy Williams
Production Managr -- Sis. Beverly Davis

Director -- Bro. Lennox Graham
Secretary -- Sis. Beverly Davis
Asst. Secretary -- Sis. Sakeena Rogers
Chaplain -- Bro. Bill Smith

Looks like they did a good job and had a good time according to the photos! A report from one of the members said that everyone really enjoyed it, also.

Mama gets a call from daughter Louise.

Louise shows her a new purchase designed to save time and promote spiritual fitness.

Mama tries to tell her that this "Spiritual Fitness Kit" is a waste of time and money.

Seeing the futility, Mama tells Louise to go ahead and follow the workout directions on the tape and see where it gets her.

Louise dons the kit's badge of spiritual fitness.

Louise follows the taped directions to enhance her self-image.

The workout trainer's voice teaches Louise about self-discipline.

After a stress-related meltdown, Louise is comforted by Mama.

Mama shares the true path to spiritual fitness.

The actors receive a standing ovation for their performance.

The complete photo album can be viewed here. If you would like to do the skit yourself, like many others have, then read it here on the official skit site!


  1. Fred,

    The Grace Bible Church in Sinking Spring, Ohio performed "How To Be Spiritually Fit" on 2-9-08.

    We had great results with this skit. People were laughing hysterically. My husband and I had a lot of fun performing the skit, too. Today at church the pastor asked who remembered what the skit's message was, and what the guest speaker's message was; people remembered the message of the skit, more than the message from the guest speaker!

    Thanks for your work and sense of humor.
    -Nancy Roosa

  2. Fred,

    My friends and I love your skits. This is the second year we are using one of them. Last year we used one in a competition called Talents For Christ, and we went all the way to the national competition and we won 2nd place.We decide to use another skit of yours this year, ("How to be Spiritually Fit") and hopefully we will win 1st place! We just wanted to say thank you for putting your material on the internet, and for free. It is such a blessing.You have a great talent and God will bless you for using it for His glory.

    -Jenny Murray
    Evangel Baptist Church in Taylor, MI