Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Another Christmas Drama reference and a Testimonial

Found this reference to my newest Christmas drama on a search site, here. Someone had posted a question about finding a Christmas drama, and someone answered with this...

"My favorite of this site is the drama ‘Redemption in the Wings’. This particular play not only has the traditional manger scene, but it also encompasses homelessness, salvation, forgiveness and reconciliation between father and daughter. I would definitely recommend this play for any church that was putting on a production for the first time because there are no speaking parts. That gives the actors a chance to get used to acting, without the added burden of learning lines."

Nice, I appreciate it! Add this to an earlier post with a letter from someone that did the play and had great success, and you get the idea it might be a good one for your church to do this year.

Update: here is an email I got today that reported how their church's performance of "Redemption In The Wings" went!


Our little church very successfully performed "Redemption In The Wings" thanks to your help and God's. It took just about every regular church member but our cast was perfect, just as if you had written the play specifically for us. It became a play within a play within a play as even our cast members were ministered to and affected by the powerful message of forgiveness and redemption. The tears and the laughter were real that night.

We rented an old movie theater that had been converted into a drama theater; it couldn't have looked more like a homeless shelter even if we tried. We used the theater's sound system and stage lighting and we pulled back the curtains to reveal the wings. The place was packed and those who came expecting the same old Mary-Joseph-shepherds-nativity story were both surprised and in awe.

People are still talking about the play. In fact, they want us to perform again so that it can be recorded for the shut-ins of our church and our community. There were even wonderful comments about the professionally done sound recording on the CD we got from you.

Thanks so much for all you put into your work. Thanks also for the extra advice and being willing to help. God bless you and your work.

Mandy Martin
Overcomers World Church
Woodstock, Georgia

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  1. AnonymousMay 12, 2011

    Dear Fred,

    About a year ago I was desperately in need of a skit for my high school youth group to perform in our church, the Plainfield Methodist Church in Plainfield, Wisconsin, a couple of weeks. The skit I had ordered from another site (that had sounded terrific on paper) was dull and boring. It seemed that I had exhausted all the skits out there. I had been doing skits for a couple of years with my group successfully, but now I was running out of material.

    Anyway, one day I sat down at the computer and did a word search, (seemingly the same word search I had done a million other times) but this time I prayed for God to help me find something that would fit my group and congregation's needs. Well, in a matter of seconds your site pops up (like magic!).

    Ever since I have been in heaven! We have now performed "The Creature in the Closet," "The Wrap Group," "How To Be Spiritually Fit" and today "The Crate Escape." They have all been a blast to perform. They don't need a lot of practice (which we all like) and there are few props needed. Most of all we love the humor and the soundtracks.

    Teenagers get the message in a way they can relate to. Way to go Mr. Passmore, you are really doing God's work! Thank you for providing this gift to us all.

    Many Blessings,

    -Cathy from Plainfield