Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Soundtrack CD Previews

On my main site, ChristianSkitScripts.com, I have 15 soundtrack CDs for sale (so far) that supply the music and sound effects for the free scripts found there. While most are of the type where you do you own dialog from the script and use the music and sounds when the script prompts, some are of the narrated variety, for those skits that are done in my unique "Play/Act" format. For these, there are no lines to learn, as the dialog is related by the narrator on the CD.

Now, my regular and return customers don't need to be convinced as to the quality and effectiveness of these CDs... they know how professional and useful they are and come back for more (check out the Testimonials Page and see how often the soundtracks are praised). However, for those first-time visitors to the site that love the scripts, but would like to have a preview of the CDs before buying, I am now posting just that for their convenience!

I'm in the middle of the project, and have produced and posted audio previews of 10 so far, and I will keep on until every CD can be previewed. On the audio previews I go over each track, and let the prospective buyer hear a few seconds of each one, so they'll be able to be confident about what they are getting. Each script that has a soundtrack preview has a link in it to listen to it.

Here are the ones posted so far in Windows Media audio format; click the "preview" link on each to listen. Click the script title link to read the script.

Preview of Soundtrack CD #1 for: "Live From The Battlefield" and "Assignment: Witness!"

Preview of Soundtrack CD #2 for: "Attack Of The Monster Tongue" and "Testimony Show."

Preview of Soundtrack CD #4 for: "Battle of the Sexes: Round One" and "Mama's Close Call."

Preview of Soundtrack CD #5 for: "The Telltale Talent" and "The Red Tie Club."

Preview of Soundtrack CD #6 for: "Jerusalem's Most Wanted."

Preview of Soundtrack CD #7 for: "Creature In The Closet" and "The Deejay's Dilemma."

Preview of Soundtrack CD #8 for: "The Audition" and "The Pastor's Barbeque"

Preview of Soundtrack CD #10 for: "The Crate Escape" and "How To Be Spiritually Fit."

Preview of Soundtrack CD #12 for: "The Trials of Rev. Milton Blumquist" and "War Of The Wills."

Preview of Soundtrack CD #13 for: "The Jokers Of Jericho" and "A Midnight Dreary."

Preview of Soundtrack CD #14 for: "Redemption In The Wings."

Preview of the Supplemental Skit Trax CD for a dozen of the skits that don't need much more than a few tracks each (see the complete list of scripts supported here).

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