Monday, August 22, 2011

Competition Testimonial Emails

I have had many reports of drama teams winning competitions using our skits, and even competing against other teams also using material from our site. I imagine the judges at these events must be getting very familiar with my stuff! Here is another great email from a young lady testifying to this kind if thing...


My name is Rebekah Dunbar and I am 17 years old, and live in Arkansas. I attend First Freewill Baptist Church and every year my drama team competes in a National Youth Conference that our denomination puts on.

Two years ago I came across your site when looking for a drama for us to compete with, and found so many skits that related to that year's theme and made it easy to work with and memorize for performing. That summer we used the Bubble Wrap skit which was a huge hit, we won district and made it all the way to Nationals where we competed and won! Following the performance we had multiple churches ask where we came up with the idea and if we could come and perform it for their home church. Of course we directed them all to your website where we ended up competing against some of the churches that we gave your reference to that summer.

This past year, we used "The Crate Escape." We did edit multiple parts to fit the conference theme and time regulations but in the end, we won Nationals for the second year! Again, we had multiple people come and ask us where we came up with the great skit idea and if we would perform it for their chuch. We were even asked to visit some church camps where we had the opportunity to perform and work with students our own age, that we talked to and had the chance to share our testimonies and tell them about our personal walk with Christ.

I don't want to take up too much of your time but I wanted to thank you for doing what you do. I think all of the skits on the site are interesting and modernized which is sometimes hard to find for a church competition. This upcoming year we will most likely be using another one of your scripts to compete with. Our drama team could not have performed as well without the basis of the skits put on your site. Again, thank you and I pray that God blesses you and your site.

In Christ, Rebekah Dunbar

Here are links to the skits she referred to: "The Wrap Group" and "The Crate Escape."

Here is another recent email along these lines:

Dear Fred,

The Grace Baptist Christian School will be using your script "The Sheep"s Clothing Store" on March 30th in a Student Convention competition.

We are a small Christian school in South Ga. and compete in Student Convention with Schools from North Georgia, Florida and Alabama. Our students have been performing your skits for the past 6 years. In performing these skits they placed 1st in everyone of them! We appreciate the gospel that is provided in these skits. We appreciate all that has been written.

-Wanda Vice
Tifton, GA

I found this bit of conversation below on a message board at this home school debate site: The particular page with the following post no longer exists, but here is part of the message I saw about scripts they have used in competitions from Interesting stuff! I don't know what all the abbreviations are for, except "HI" stands for "Humorous Interpretation." author that I've heard four/five pieces from that are really incredibly cute is Fred Passmore. He wrote the winning duo piece (Carillo/Carillo), the winning and third place OI piece (Gabby Elliot and Sam Nasser), and the second-place HI piece (Marshall Sherman) at the Regional tournament this last weekend.

If you can find one of his pieces that isn't being done... then it's a great idea... make sure you follow the directions before taking the script though. The pieces that are taken are: "The Great Church Robbery," "Battle of the Sexes: Round One," "The Man with the Shellfish Heart," "Mama's Close Call," "Testimony Show." Every one of the above pieces has placed at one or more tourneys. "The Battle of the Sexes: Round One," is done by Carrillo/Carrillo, and they have gotten first place at every Texas tourney this year, except for the ASAP, (Weatherford) practice tourney in November of last year. And that was because they didn't have the duo's at that tournemant.

"Testimony Show," which is done by Carrillo/Elliott, has placed third in Houston for the practice tourney, and third in Dallas, at the Pre-Regional Q. "Mama's Close Call," done by Michelle Carrillo of Carrillo/Elliott, has been the first place HI ever since it came on the scene, in Corpus Christi, and again here in Dallas at the Pre-Q. My piece, "The Man with the Shellfish Heart," has placed second in Houston for the practice tourney, and again here in Dallas it placed second. And "the Great Church Robbery," done by Samantha Nasser (my debate partner) has only been on the scene for the Dallas Pre-Regional Q, and placed fourth in OI.

So Fred Passmore's stuff is good. He has winning pieces in almost every IE, except DI. He has two pieces in HI, first and second place, I might add; the consistently winning and almost-as-consistent third place duo, and a fourth place OI.

-Marshall Sherman

That just blows my mind. Go to the site for these and more winning skit scripts!

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