Tuesday, November 15, 2011

"The Soul Hunt" film

Steven Knight made this film, adapted from my skit script "Assignment: Witness!" for his church hunting fellowship. Excellent work! I love seeing films people make of my material, and this is the most ambitious so far.

Click the link below to view it on Godtube!


Steven had this to say about the making of the film:

Our church made a movie for our annual Wild Game Supper, so we took the
"Assignment: Witness" skit and adapted it to a turkey hunt, to fit our
outdoors theme. All of the "actors" are active members of our Brotherhood
ministry, and includes Sunday School teachers, as well as Sunday School
Director, Brotherhood Director, and Chairman of Deacons.

We know for sure of one teenage girl who was saved after the movie
premier, and we have heard several other reports of people who have been
touched by the message. Thanks, Fred, for an awesome skit, and allowing
us to use this to share the Gospel.

Steve Knight
Director, "The Soul Hunt"
Rentz Baptist Church

Read the original skit script here.

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